Uwerx (WERX) Poised to Take Over the Gig Economy: Why You Should Buy Now

• Uwerx is a revolutionary project that seeks to reconceptualize the gig economy with its features. The project has seen presale success and increasing adoption, leading analysts to predict a bright future for it.
• Monolith (TKN) is struggling against bearish sentiment as it has only recorded few transactions and trading activities, causing it to plummet without signs of recovery.
• Monolith (TKN) launched a Visa debit card to enable users to store or spend their tokens globally, but this hasn’t been enough to beat the bearish market.

Uwerx: A New Way of Reconceptualizing The Gig Economy

Uwerx is a new project seeking to reconceptualize the gig economy with its revolutionary features. This accounts for its presale success and the increased adoption it has been gaining. Due to these, analysts predict a bright future for the project, which has shown strong potential to keep soaring in the crypto winter.

Monolith (TKN): Struggling Against Bearish Sentiment

On the other hand, Monolith (TKN) is struggling to beat bearish sentiments as the bears continue to dominate over the token. This article looks at Monolith’s (TKN) predictions, what Uwerx is all about, and why you should quickly become a WERX holder.
The crypto market considers Monolith (TKN) a near-dead crypto as it has only recorded a few transactions or trading activities for a long time. This has caused Monolith (TKN) to see a huge plunge without signs of recovery. Monolith (TKN) currently dines with the bear as it has remained at the bottom, with predictions showing it might record only a negligible price increase.
Monolith (TKN) has declined by almost 5% in the past week, and further decline is imminent. Monolith (TKN) is seeing increased selling pressure as most token holders quickly sell their tokens and move to more active platforms.

Monolith’s DeFi Contract Wallet & Visa Debit Card

Monolith (TKN) launched its Visa debit card allowing users access global spending capabilities using cryptocurrencies from their contract wallet . Users can store their tokens in this wallet and use it through either direct purchases or in-app transactions using their Visa debit cards .

Uwerx Presale & Launch Price Increase

Uwerx’s surging presale rapidly reached its final stage – Stage 5 – exceeding initial predictions due high demands forcing an increase in WERX allocation from 57% up to 427 500 000 WERX . Stage 5 offers 72 500 000 WERX available while total supply will be 750 000 000 WERX . Furthermore , buyers are incentivized by 15% purchase bonus , while UWERX launch price was increased from 0$.005$ up 0$.095$-$0$.115$ due rising token value before presale ends on July 31st 2020 .

Why You Should Become A WERX Holder?

Due Uwerx’s increasing adoption , successful presales performance , prediction of bright future despite Crypto Winter conditions , plus incentive bonus upon launch – investors have every reason becoming part of this prestigious platform by holding WERX tokens .